Thursday, April 24, 2014

On my Way

These past few years I have started one WIP after another but have yet to edit and submit them to publishers or even shared them with others with the exception to one.  My latest WIP, "Modern Day Love," which I absolutely love will be the first one I will finally finalize and have submitted to publishers soon.  I started this book two years ago and had approximately 12 Chapters written before my son took my flash drive and inserted it in his Xbox last September.

Sample Cover by TJ Thomas
I lost it all.  Book Covers, and the entire 12 Chapters.  Luckily I had a few chapters shared with a friend so I managed to retrieve the first four chapters and started once again from there. I reached my 35,000 word count this week and have been psyched ever since. I am now this much closer to publishing and finally reaching my goal. Too much time has been dedicated to other daily responsibilities and I am now where I should be.  Along the way I have done book reviews, written and published articles and short stories with Online Publishers, but I still haven't jumped over that mark that will give me the rightful title of "Author."

This year I was faced with an issue that made me focus on my writing more and I am now closer than ever.  I want to be that great example to my son. I need to show him that once you have a dream it is never too late to accomplish it, and most of all I want to teach him to never, ever give up. Obstacles may detain you, but sheer perseverance can allow you to accomplish your dreams. no matter how long it may take.

"Modern Day Love" 


“Are you okay?” he asked and was now standing in front of me.  I spaced out, damn it.  “Yes, I’m fine.  Sorry, just thinking,” I admitted as I handed him the glass of wine.  “Do I make you uncomfortable?” he asked and placed it back on the table.  “If it helps I’m just as nervous,” he said and cupped my face so I can look at him.  “I want to kiss you so bad too,” he said and smiled.  “I wish you would,” I replied and couldn’t believe I said it out loud.  “Reallly,” he said with a raised eyebrow.  Damn, he was hot I managed to think right before he placed his lips on mine and all sense of thought escaped me.  

His lips were soft and the kiss was gentle until I placed my arms around his neck.  Who this woman was before me I didn’t know but I was literally on fire.  I shoved my tongue into his mouth and gripped his hair as I threw my body closer to him and let out a low moan.  When I realized what I was doing I pulled away and he simply stared at me.  “I’m sorry,” I quickly uttered and he smiled.  “I’m not, he replied and grabbed me.  “I am absolutely going to enjoy you,” he whispered in my ear before he licked my lobe.  If every sense inside me wasn’t heightened before, they absolutely were now.  How do I back out of this when he easily makes it difficult to resist him?  

Copyright (c) 2014~ Susan B. Anna

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