Thursday, June 30, 2016

Motivation or a lack thereof...

Sadly many of us are simply working to pay bills and just basically feel stuck in a job we can't stand. Settling to make ends meet and praying for that one vacation getaway that will make it all seem worth it while busting your ass to actually make it at doing something you actually love. Dream on or go for it.  ~Susan B. Anna

Friday, June 24, 2016

Great Kid Quote

If only a kids perceptions can truly be a motivational tool for some.  Hard to be happy at a company if you don't feel appreciated nor even recognized as an asset. ~Susan B. Anna

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Are we Union or Corporate?

Working for a union once meant job security, wage increases when warranted, safety, amazing benefits, and union representation if anyone felt they were being treated unfairly by upper management or staff.  As a union worker myself for over twenty years I have witnessed so many changes throughout the years that can make Albert Einstein roll over in his grave. The union is no longer running under individuals with a back bone and our union heads have disappointed us in so many levels these past few years that understandably many have given up.

When I first began as a union employee I was both thrilled and very excited to be  part of an organization with such high regards, integrity and political involvement, but now I see how quickly that can all change.  All it takes to see a union crumble is a shift of Management and a new Fund Manager with a past in law to corrupt the masses, change things internally and force individuals out because they know full well how these changes will soon come to haunt us.

Union workers are doing the job, the organization is growing  and the work load keeps growing as more duties and responsibilities are being assigned with no monetary compensation or overtime.  It is also totally disturbing to want to move up within your organization, but have all these obstacles like job posting timing, HR and management interference; and testing that will be very difficult for many within to pass because they intentionally make it hard to get a passing grade, or already have someone in mind for the position they can probably pay less than a Union member for.  Union jobs are slowly diminishing, and new job classifications are being put in their places simply because those who were in charge of our Union were too afraid to stand their ground.  Changes are expected at every working environment, but when your Union doesn't fight for their members jobs and let management dictate their every move there is certainly a problem. 

Within the past few years we have been through  a lot. There is no longer any respect  within and member moral is at an all time low.  One can pass blame and continue to point fingers but we all have a voice,  the power to take back our Union, and should not be afraid to do so.  As unified members we can make it stronger.  We must all act now, and stop letting the fear of losing our jobs keep us silent.  The more we continue to be manipulated by management, the more they will continue to adjust  our job descriptions, call it necessary due to your title and department restructuring and get away with not paying you for the extra work and or overtime that may go on your time sheet as "unapproved. "

Remember, we are the front runners of this organization. The members, providers and employers talk to us to get the benefits rolling and their medical bills paid.  Most of management cannot perform our duties.  Stop being afraid to stand up for your job, if we once again find the nerve and earn back the trust to be united,  our membership, Brothers and Sisters  can make this Union strong again.  I have total faith that we can.  There are many among us who feel the same but again nothing can be accomplished without UNITY.  We had it once, we can have it again. 

It's going to be challenging, stressful and maybe even frustrating as we transform this Union to what it can be, but that first step is binding together.  Trusting our strength and ensuring we have the right Officers looking after our Union.   The BFSA has had some setbacks, but that cannot deter us from obtaining the respect and UNITY we once had.  Don't let us go completely corporate, get involved, speak up and rely on your new Union Board members. They each have your best interest in mind and truly care about accomplishing great things, but we can't do it alone. 

Copyright © 2016 ~ Susan B. Anna