Monday, March 7, 2016

Day Job Madness

Being employed at the same company/organization for more than fifteen years can become very mundane.  One can easily find themselves loathing said job and not due to the job itself but the people who can make your job a living hell from coworkers to management who simply put could not comprehend your job at all but can easily dictate and or add on to your already hectic duties.

I, for one love what I do and do it with pride but have found myself lately trying to figure out why I even bother.  No one appreciates your work, or even recognizes your worth but then expect you to take everything they toss at you in stride with little complaints and without the proper training. Being grateful to have a job these days comes with a price. Your peace of mind and very little pay but then you must still be grateful.  

You sit idly by as others get hired for positions suited for you, with basically no knowledge of how the company runs and they again pile on the workload while others are even approved for overtime and you scurry through a day trying to resolve all issues tossed your way in a seven hour shift. I am just about done being a mat. I would prefer to be home doing something I truly love a hell of a lot more but we need to pay bills.

I would like to say my goal of being a success with my writing career is close but I can't.  This is a time consuming process and I am just at the beginning stages of it but hope to be where I need to be soon. Nothing would make my life fully complete until it is and I can then say the words I've been wanting to say to my day job heads for the past three years.  At this point, I would keep that phrase to self as there are some spies among us and one can never be too careful but my day will soon come so till then, peace...

Copyright (c) ~Susan B. Anna