Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Quest

One thing I have learned these past few months is that letting go and finding peace within is a wonderful thing and can be accomplished. Obstacles and individuals cannot be allowed to run ones life and living each day as if its your last is its own reward.

No one in life is exempt from life's hardships, let downs or failures; but they can all be overcome and conquered if you simply never give up.  We all have something in life we want, desire and even lust for and guess what we can have it all with a little perseverance and a lot of determination to succeed.

NJ Turnpike
I for one have lost my focus, drive and motivation along the way but each time I bounce back and push forward.  Nothing or no one will be allowed to keep me back, my moment is now, my life begins all over again and my success will soon let the doubters see I wasn't kidding.  My faith has grown anew, and I shall never let it falter.

Surrounding myself with positive influences, artists, writers and entrepreneurs has awoken a desire in me to follow my craft through fruition and accomplish my goal of becoming a best selling author.  I thank those who have recently shared their successes with me and welcome all that join me in my quest to succeed in this fast paced and overwhelming world.

~Susan B Anna
Always a Writer, Always a Tale

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