Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shortline USA Commuter Hell

As a commuter for most of my adult life in NYC I know the set backs that can ruin ones morning or evening commute all too well, and can even excuse a few circumstances that have caused me to be either late to work or even an important appointment, but when I moved Upstate and away from NYC transit I somewhat expected a lot more for my money yet basically got the short end of the stick once more. 

Coach Shortline a privately owned company is simply the worse when it comes to ensuring their passengers get to and from work with little to no hassle whatsoever, and what makes them worse is the fact they cannot get it together to make sure their drivers do not make ones commute a lot harder by calling out at the last minute and dispatch taking an hour to get one to take over ones shift.

As we all know this winter has hit many of us really bad.  Treacherous snow storms after another has gotten everyone down and many of us are simply done.  I can understand that one can wake up under the weather but the fact that it takes this company so long to find a replacement can truly be a nuisance, especially when you are standing outside in slush, ice and single digit weather.  We pay a lot of money monthly, in my case, exactly $285 a month for shady service, lack of concern or sympathy for their passengers and sometimes rude drivers who get upset when one questions their arrival when late.

Today, we waited an hour for a bus and one didn't show up until almost 8 am.  I start work at 8:30 am and did not arrive to work on time of course because not one, but three drivers called out at the last minute and a replacement was not put on run until the calls started flooding the Chester location.  This is not only uncalled for but very bad business.  Coach Shortline USA must get a better handle on things and one of the main things they need to focus on is having a backup replacement already there just in case. 

Passengers should not be left on the side of the road during rain, snow and sleet for longer than necessary.  This winter has been harsh on us all but these latest Shortline practices and lack of thereof will not be tolerated, and definitely must cease.  Therefore, a link to this post will be shared with Coach USA President, George Greaves and anyone else who's email I can get a hold of so they can finally start taking the passengers along Route 17M in Monroe, Harrriman, Tuxedo and Sloatsburg seriously. 

After nine years and a truly horrendous winter it is totally about time.  Whether they do something or not I have no idea but the passengers you left stranded for over an hour while your dispatcher first lied and said bus was running yet never showed are no longer going to stand by and let this nonsense continue. We are all putting together a petition and will be sending it to as many people within your organization and that of the BBB and Attorney General until we become a priority and not just a figure.

~Susan B. Anna