Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Predator in Transit

One of the reasons why I hate watching the news and I'm sure a lot of you may agree are the horrid stories that range from rape, murder and child molestations to hate, police corruption and brutality and last but certainly not least our last war and the residual backlash and senseless retaliation that continues to  plague our country because our nit wit politicians and security personnel can't get it together.

Every time I watch the news I swear to ban it but then again can't because keeping up with current events is highly important.  We live in a country plagued by evil and nothing can truly change that but nothing can compare to what I saw on the evening news tonight.  This day and age when cell phones are used to video tape crimes but not to actually call the police or assist is frightening.  A few weeks ago we learned of the young girl who was beaten severely in a Brooklyn McDonalds and today they feature a two year old rape case that took the victim to finally have her rapist captured and questioned.

Rape Suspect on NYC D Train
I am not at all surprised of the years taken to conduct an investigation or even find the suspect, but the fact that it took a victim to finally speak up of her ordeal and the actual crime place it happened.  This woman was raped on a public NYC train filled with ten or more people and one across from her recording the whole ordeal on his phone.

The video of course then after went viral making the victim feel violated with each click it took before it was removed and kept as evidence.  With video surveillance and footage also taken as the suspect exited the train station, still no extensive moves were made by law enforcement to find him, which in itself is appalling but tells us just how easily a case can slip through the cracks.  This victim was asleep while this pervert took advantage of her in a moving train as onlookers did nothing to stop him or even help her.  To video tape it and watch later before having it shared online was cowardly, no matter how you look at things.  Yes fear can play a factor and may even cause someone to think twice before acting but everyone on this train should be ashamed of themselves. 

As for the victim I commend her for taking the steps needed to let this come out.  It takes a lot of courage to do what you did and I hope this only makes you stronger.  There will be tough moments but the toughest part is over, you stepped up and possibly helped other women from finding themselves in the same predicament.  I truly hope you know how much of a difference you made and God bless you. Crime Stoppers

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shortline USA Commuter Hell

As a commuter for most of my adult life in NYC I know the set backs that can ruin ones morning or evening commute all too well, and can even excuse a few circumstances that have caused me to be either late to work or even an important appointment, but when I moved Upstate and away from NYC transit I somewhat expected a lot more for my money yet basically got the short end of the stick once more. 

Coach Shortline a privately owned company is simply the worse when it comes to ensuring their passengers get to and from work with little to no hassle whatsoever, and what makes them worse is the fact they cannot get it together to make sure their drivers do not make ones commute a lot harder by calling out at the last minute and dispatch taking an hour to get one to take over ones shift.

As we all know this winter has hit many of us really bad.  Treacherous snow storms after another has gotten everyone down and many of us are simply done.  I can understand that one can wake up under the weather but the fact that it takes this company so long to find a replacement can truly be a nuisance, especially when you are standing outside in slush, ice and single digit weather.  We pay a lot of money monthly, in my case, exactly $285 a month for shady service, lack of concern or sympathy for their passengers and sometimes rude drivers who get upset when one questions their arrival when late.

Today, we waited an hour for a bus and one didn't show up until almost 8 am.  I start work at 8:30 am and did not arrive to work on time of course because not one, but three drivers called out at the last minute and a replacement was not put on run until the calls started flooding the Chester location.  This is not only uncalled for but very bad business.  Coach Shortline USA must get a better handle on things and one of the main things they need to focus on is having a backup replacement already there just in case. 

Passengers should not be left on the side of the road during rain, snow and sleet for longer than necessary.  This winter has been harsh on us all but these latest Shortline practices and lack of thereof will not be tolerated, and definitely must cease.  Therefore, a link to this post will be shared with Coach USA President, George Greaves and anyone else who's email I can get a hold of so they can finally start taking the passengers along Route 17M in Monroe, Harrriman, Tuxedo and Sloatsburg seriously. 

After nine years and a truly horrendous winter it is totally about time.  Whether they do something or not I have no idea but the passengers you left stranded for over an hour while your dispatcher first lied and said bus was running yet never showed are no longer going to stand by and let this nonsense continue. We are all putting together a petition and will be sending it to as many people within your organization and that of the BBB and Attorney General until we become a priority and not just a figure.

~Susan B. Anna 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Quest

One thing I have learned these past few months is that letting go and finding peace within is a wonderful thing and can be accomplished. Obstacles and individuals cannot be allowed to run ones life and living each day as if its your last is its own reward.

No one in life is exempt from life's hardships, let downs or failures; but they can all be overcome and conquered if you simply never give up.  We all have something in life we want, desire and even lust for and guess what we can have it all with a little perseverance and a lot of determination to succeed.

NJ Turnpike
I for one have lost my focus, drive and motivation along the way but each time I bounce back and push forward.  Nothing or no one will be allowed to keep me back, my moment is now, my life begins all over again and my success will soon let the doubters see I wasn't kidding.  My faith has grown anew, and I shall never let it falter.

Surrounding myself with positive influences, artists, writers and entrepreneurs has awoken a desire in me to follow my craft through fruition and accomplish my goal of becoming a best selling author.  I thank those who have recently shared their successes with me and welcome all that join me in my quest to succeed in this fast paced and overwhelming world.

~Susan B Anna
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