Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Father’s day always brings a smile to my face as I think of my father and all he has provided all of his children with unconditionally.  The love, support and pride in which he portrays every single day, especially on special occasions such as a holiday or our birthday’s has always been a constant, and for that we shall always be grateful for being so lucky.

Our father has taught us how to stand on our own two feet, depend on ourselves, and most of all; to always hold our heads up high.  He has always believed in our abilities and potential to shine and has always motivated us to do and be our very best.  Father’s such as these are truly hard to come by and it takes a very special man and father to be a wonderful dad. 

As far as dad’s go I have been very blessed and this extends to my best friend and husband who has also demonstrated what fatherhood and friendship is truly about.  He has been an absolutely outstanding father and support system for our son and I am so very happy I chose wisely.  It isn’t easy to be a provider and a father these days.  Trying to make ends meet and staying on top of things can be difficult but these two men make it seem flawless. 

I want them both to know how much of a blessing they are and how grateful I truly am to have such fantastic role models in my life and that of my son’s.  Happy Father’s Day to my exceptional men!  May you always know how deeply loved and admired you truly are and may God continue to bless you and all other wonderful dad’s alike.  

Copyright (c) 2014 ~ Susan B. Anna