Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keeping the Spark in your Relationship

Everyone who has ever been in a relationship can understand the overwhelming need to want that relationship to last.  Upon the start everything about it is exciting.  The glances, the kissing, and most importantly the touch is wonderful, and you can't help but hope that it continues that way.  Unfortunately, things do die down and one can get a bit too comfortable so it is easy to forget how great things were in the beginning. 
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The dating and closeness you had in the beginning slowly diminishes and it is considered normal but shouldn't be.  There is no reason whatsoever to stop doing what you once did to get to that relationship status.  Work, friends and every day stresses should not prevent one from making sure their partner is satisfied in every way.  Be it by noticing when they are upset and having them talk about it, listening and giving them your views on the matter or simply just cuddling for no reason whatsoever.  Nothing should prevent you from making your partner priority number one.

When you chose to see each other exclusively and took that next step to solidify the relationship you decided then that your partner was special and wonderful enough to do so.  Therefore, do not by any means lose sight of that.  Take the time to tell him or her that you love them.  Treat them to something special and not only on a special occasion and most importantly always, always make time for just the two of you.  The passion should never die down and the romance must always be there, so send your special lady flowers at work, sit and watch that romantic movie together and explore one another.  Keeping the fire lit and the heat index high between you is beneficial to you both, so if in doubt ask, you will be surprised what you may find out and even more so when those sparks ignite something between you that can make most adults not only blush but look forward to more.

No great love should ever be taken for granted but simply appreciated...  

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