Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Challenges

As we celebrate a new year most of us anticipate change, new endeavors and possibly new relationships.  We begin the year planning our next move with glee and hope to stick to certain resolutions.  The problem isn't the resolution itself, but following through and sticking to it. 

We all start out with high hopes and expectations, some of us obtain them but some of us also fail.  Either way its great, and no need to put yourself down if it didn't pan out.  Move on and live life the best you can.  What may not have worked out this year, may just as easily workout in the next.  Every day is a gift, better to embrace and enjoy each one than dwell on the what ifs. 

Since it is still early on on the year I hope and wish you all the major components that make life worth living, and they are.  Love, family, faith, belief in thyself and happiness.  If you have them all you are surely blessed and if you have one out of the five you are too.