Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miracles do Happen

 Today, 12/12/12, marked a very tragic start for my two nieces who were victims to a major car accident in Atlanta, Georgia while their car was disabled on the side of a very busy freeway with hazard lights blinking.  They never expected to be rear ended by not only one car, but another simultaneously, and now one lies in critical condition while the other was released and sent home with a mild concussion and possible whip lash.

Thankfully they were rushed to the hospital and they were able to stop the internal bleeding.  What the family is concerned with now is the major rehabilitation process that awaits one since they had to not only repair her pelvis but also her bladder. Doctors are very optimistic and say she may bounce back and function normally thereafter, as she came through the surgeries well and is very responsive to stimulation.

Being the holiday season we can pretty much guess it won't be a joyous one for us all, but we still have to make the best of it and ensure her daughter has a wonderful Christmas nevertheless.  We pray she is released from the hospital to share in the joy but also expect the possibility that she may not.  With that said I will most likely add updates here and there as I normally do not write about personal circumstances, but this just needed to be shared cause it not only helps me cope with it all positively but raises awareness.

You never know when someone you love will be faced with danger, victimized or worse death, so always keep that in mind and always tell the ones you love how much they truly mean to you, cause as you know tomorrow isn't promised....