Saturday, November 10, 2012

Support vs. Envy

To be supportive of another person by providing sympathy and encouragement is not something that comes by lightly to some.  It is truly a pity that many think supporting another can be a disadvantage to them and even more of a pity when said reason is due to envy or possibly resentment.

To have such discontent to another individuals advantages, success and or possessions is such an ugly thing, and even more so when one claims to be of religious faith, but somehow allows the hate and envy to still set in.

As a person who simply enjoys seeing others shine and achieve success I find this lack of support from individuals I am close to unbearable.  I can’t seem to understand how one can want another to not obtain the success they worked so hard to earn.  Success in life does not come easy, it takes perseverance, dedication, long days; late nights and a lot of stress to get there so why not be as supportive as possible.

Therefore, to everyone needing a boost of support I’d like to say.  Great work, congratulations and keep your head up as you continue on the road to success.  Remember to thank those who have been there and lent a helping hand and always stay as humble as possible.