Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Youth Programs Initiative in Orange County NY Harriman-Monroe

We fail our children when we do not provide them with safe and constructive alternatives to drugs and violence. Our youth need to be creative, to be heard, and to be understood. As parents, teachers, and law officials we need to be committed to finding solutions in our communities to interrupt the cycle of drugs and violence and engage our youth in activities that set them on the path to a better and brighter future. 

Our children need us to lead them on the right path. Life is difficult enough. School work becomes challenging, hormones erupt, and our own jobs keep us from paying attention to signs of trouble. Social media and bullying is a huge issue, and sadly many of us do not see it as a problem until it is much too late.

My son loves music, creates beats and wants to one day be a DJ/Music Producer but is now associating with the wrong crowd, and slowly losing focus. New York City offers many outlets for children who want to excel in the music industry but unfortunately Orange County, NY does not. As much as I would love for my son to follow his dreams I am not too comfortable with him having to leave Upstate at such a sensitive age to do so. 

Born and raised in the city I know all so well it has its ups and downs as does any community, but I still can’t let him commute such a distance when it would be more convenient to have something similar here that would help not only my son but others fulfill their dreams as they learn more about what thrills and excites them along the way.

Scratch DJ Academy, in NYC for example, boasts wonderful programs including summer camps geared at assisting young minds achieve these goals.  Orange County will be a positive influence on our youth if they followed suit and created an outlet where these young minds can dedicate their free time constructively, and in a productive and structured environment they also feel safe. Programs other than the norm of basketball, hockey, dance and band should also be offered, so I am asking why not make it happen?

I have searched the web to no avail for programs near my area and convenient enough for my son to attend and am stumped at every turn. The program I am seeking is not offered. Middletown, NY offers an afterschool program for ages 11-18 for residents only, the YMCA offers it in our area for grades 6-8 only and MW HighSchool, has a great activity line-up, but not one that interests my son one bit. All kids should be asked in beginning of school year to jot down their interests and future goals and with this program directors can know which programs are worth initiating and which ones will further enhance their youth’s commitment to school. It is knowing your children and what makes them happy that truly matters, so why not make this something to fight for, and truly improve on.

Therefore, I am reaching out to our MW Superintendent Elsie Rodriquez, Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer and all Orange County Officials to make this a fight we work on together. High School parents and their teens who seek outside activities that will keep them away from drugs and violence is a must. Let’s not let them down. 

A Concerned Parent
MW HS Student  

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

True Colors Behind Top Ladies in the White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is once again under attack, but then again, so is every top female player in the White House since Rob Porters resignation following past domestic violence complaints brought to light by two of his ex-wives.

     Some cannot be surprised! These women have a job to protect and no I am in no way their advocate as I hate all things about our present government status and those who support it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is just a pawn caught up in the web of a scrupulous, male chauvinist, egotistical; moron we call number 45 because labeling him as our President is just too nauseating.
Rob Porter is just another person within their ranks that ultimately got caught, but he surely will not be the last. Politicians have gotten away with sexual harassment and or adulterous relationships for centuries. Their dirty laundry was just kept under wraps till after their deaths or the victims felt they couldn’t come forward as no one would believe them.

Colbie Holderness
     Today sexual harassment, domestic violence and lack of support is making headlines, and no one is safe. Ivanka Trump, “senior adviser,” reportedly showed Trump a picture of Colbie Holderness, Porters first wife with a black eye, but has not publicly come out in defense of the victims. A self-proclaimed feminist who advocates for women she is certainly not. It is evident who her loyalty is to and that is her father. Anyone who sweeps this under the rug so blatantly should not be deemed worthy of respect or admiration.  

     Domestic Violence has been an ongoing issue for decades. I grew up in a household of abuse and witnessed first-hand what my step dad made my mother endure during their years together. As Holderness expressed in her op-ed. Domestic Violence is something no one can detect. Relationships begin nicely, and the abuse gradually begins, verbally at first, then progresses to physical abuse. To me this issue is very serious and must be addressed. Porter resigned, but President Trump still wished him the best in his career. It is evident he didn't care about the victim as he repeatedly said "he wished him well in his future endeavors." 

     We know where the latest has taken us, and we know the Republican lackies stance. They will make excuses to just about anything with a straight face or a smirk. I am glad we have journalists such as Margaret Sullivan in their faces. They need to remain on their toes, so I hope to God the press doesn’t back down. Let them continue to make fools of themselves as the voters learn the truth. Every woman in the White House should be disappointed in themselves for supporting this. Most of you have children, and they should learn that abuse is never tolerated.

Porter (center) with Gary Cohn & Ivanka Trump. Chip Somodeville/Getty
     The cycle once woven sadly continues. My sister fell into it, the relationship lasted two years before she broke free, but the damage remained. She is to date incapable of demonstrating love, and with this her daughter, now thirty-four has also fallen prey to being abused. Her abuser has even come as far as hitting her in front of her children and telling them “he is hitting their mom because she needs to be disciplined.” Her children as well as my niece are now in need of therapy and homeless because being homeless was her only way to break free. They were not married, and NYC shelters will not let you obtain a room as a family unit if you aren’t married or provide them with domestic partnership documentation. Believe it or not she contemplated obtaining such document with his coaching, but she finally did the right thing, fought against giving in and they finally parted ways.

     As she now struggles to get her life back in track, her three children have no stability and she is now also pregnant with her fourth. The child of course, the abusers. I normally do not share such personal circumstances as a writer, but this weeks resent press focus touched a nerve. All abusers should be mandated jail time. Today, pictures say a thousand words, and abusers should be sentenced with one month for each year of abuse if not one year. Preferably the latter.

     Attached below are links of definite interest. Colbie Holderness, I commend you for coming forward. I wish you comfort and strength as you continue to make yourself whole; and Margaret Sullivan, you are so desperately needed, so never back down.

All rights reserved~ Susan B. Anna

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches the stores are filled with an abundance of gifts, cards and teddy bears for the occasion and restaurants are gearing up for one of the busiest date nights of the year. I have always loved the holiday and couldn't help waiting for that box of Russell Stover assorted chocolates or flowers. As I got older however, I appreciated receiving jewelry or something that can be utilized for many years ahead.

I'm not one to be classified as materialistic so don't mind a trinket here and there that would not hurt ones budget but surely brings a smile to my face. My mate, now asks me to choose my desired gift and I just simply send him a link or pic of the item I want. This way we are both happy and no one can complain. His advise is to do the same and of course it works for us both.

Need some nice ideas or suggestions than visit the link below. 

The Bradford Exchange 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Domestic Violence

We all hear the stories and some of us have lived it. Falling prey to someones abuse, whether verbal or physical can be difficult. One can find themselves trapped and see no way out so they stay, and some find the courage to pick up and leave. Those that escaped however, are far from free. They forever look over their shoulder and fear they may run into their abuser. It isn't easy to totally break free, the scars remain and the nightmares continue.

Abusers instill fear, they belittle, threaten and beat their mate and later apologize and make excuses to why the abuse was warranted. No one deserves to live in fear of someone they once loved and trusted. Break free, if you do, and even more so if you have children. Think about their future and don't let them grow up thinking this behavior is normal.

If you are being abused, don't stick around. Nothing you do or say will change one who chooses to verbally or physically hurt you. Please seek help and do so as soon as you can. The following links are added to help you accomplish just that. You can do it... 

Safe Horizon   

The National Domestic Violence Hotline 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Finding Patience When Needed Most.

and waiting, and waiting and waiting. 

"Gotta have plenty of patience at day job indeed. I can go on but I refuse to fall into the negativity and doubt so many have already succumbed to. Time to wake up, make some flat out changes and forget about the strays. Oh, how great it is to unleash the Beast..."   

~Susan B. Anna 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Commuter Blues

As I get older I find myself dragging myself out of bed in the morning. Another dreadful commute to the city awaits and every day is the same. The buses are dirty, dusty and possibly moldy and the smell combined with overly perfumed individuals is enough to drive any allergy sufferer to tears. And yet I must endure.

That in itself sums up my morning commute. The evening however, is a little different. Remember, I did say a little. On my way home I have to rush out of work to struggle with having to fit in with thirty other people in one elevator to catch my bus. This is in office building, I then have to basically jog to the terminal to make my bus and deal with yet another elevator with what at first appears to be 3-4 people and once the elevator shows up an additional 50 come out of no where.

As a New Yorker I know all to well how to deal with crowded subways but this is ridiculous. I make it to my gate with a minute to spare, sweating and my heart racing so fast I could literally hear it as I sit down, greet the few I ride with daily and make myself comfortable. On this commute I have to deal with either the man who can't sit without having his legs spread wide. The one who wants to sit and type in his laptop, elbowing you every chance he gets. The lady who watches Netflix on her tablet, the one who has text battles with her significant other or the one who plays every single game Facebook has to offer.

With all of this you can say its enough but I'm really not done, We have the one in the back seat with his six pack of beer, the snorer and the one that irks me to no end the menopausal moron that would rather inconvenience 54 other passengers and have them freeze than deal with a heat spell. I know I will someday be there but come on. Overhead AC of course doesn't work so driver decides to put AC for entire commute home. By then I was wrapped up in my coat, hands tucked into my pockets and my hoodie on.  Basically freezing.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Counting my Blessings

Well it certainly has been a while since I've logged in and updated by Blog. Neglecting my passion once again but certainly not in vain, I have been very busy with day job, writing and creating website and Instagram for my local union and have also been bumped up to Treasurer when one elected decided to step down.

As a union officer I have learned a lot about how a union should run and hope that some day ours can come out on top with high member participation, strength and growth. In the interim, I have also been working on my WIP and hope to have final edits completed for submission this year.

Yes, I said, this year. I have waited long enough, worked on each of my novels and am finally ready to take that plunge. Research on publishers have long since been established and I am definitely psyched. To prepare myself and those who have anxiously waited, supported and pushed me I intend to write daily, even if just a rant and will also share my other projects with you as well. Below is link to union website, take a look and please if can share your thoughts.

Thank you and stay tuned for more...

~Susan B. Anna

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