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 Susan B. Anna

Since I began freelance writing, I have had the opportunity to grow and see many sides to
this life.  If you have an area- or issue-specific idea for an article, I would love to share my worldly experiences with your readers through my writing.
I have been a fan of books and writing since I was eleven years old.  I began writing poetry and then ventured into articles and short stories when I started college.  I live in New York, born and raised, am a Yankee and Giants fan and love to travel, cook, spend time with my family and most of all my girl friends who help keep me grounded.

I now write Newsletters for my local Union and am happily writing book reviews for Satin Sheets Romance. I love to read contemporary/erotic romance, drama, true crime and of course thrillers, but overall enjoy a great book in general so tend to revert back in time and read some of my favorite authors like Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson.

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