Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kaden's Reprieve by Dariel Raye

 Kaden's Reprieve by Dariel Raye 

She needs a safe haven, he wants his freedom. Add a supernatural matchmaker and an unexpected mentor, and their lives will never be the same.

Tanya has been running for her life for two years, but when Ms. Lillian, owner of the exclusive “Heaven’s Touch” match making service, graciously gives her a week’s stay at her private bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, FL, she seizes the opportunity to escape to a possible hideaway.

Kaden is of a rare and precious race prized for extraordinary abilities. He is also half-demon, remanded to Kushiel’s custody centuries ago. Allowed to leave Hell twice a year, three days each time – Beltane, and Samhain, his life thus far has been filled with slavery, torture, and despair, and he is nearly convinced that his soul is beyond redemption. Still, he longs for freedom. Can Tanya redeem him? Can Kaden dare hope for a reprieve?

Book One
As a true fan of Dariel Raye's work I am very happy to assist in showcasing not only her latest novella, but her as a whole.  I have read and reviewed her past books and always anticipate getting my hands on her next.  Whether a full book, series or novella, she never ceases to amaze me or keep me from asking for more.  With all she has going for her, her own blog at Musings of an Independent Artist, her reviews and participation at fellow Author's pages I am always surprised by her spirit and flair and am so very honored to call her a friend and loyal artist that is not afraid to spread herself thin, she always delivers.

Book Two
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