Sunday, August 11, 2013

Phases of Love and Bliss

This past Friday I was in my very close friend’s wedding.  As a brides maid it was wonderful to be a part of her day from start to almost finish.  It was an incredible day full of love, worries and most of all hope for the future.  Their journey was a long one but they finally made it to this very special stage in their lives and it couldn’t be a truer blessing.  

A few years ago they were tested in so many different ways.  One had let lust and temptation steer them wrong and the other forgave.  They broke up briefly and found their way back and then they taught those around them that true love really conquers all.  It gives you a truly warm feeling to know that you were there to see it all and watch them overcome the obstacles that tried to separate them in the first place.
True love does exist, and many are truly lucky to ever see and feel it.  It takes a lot but it is not impossible if the love one shares is deemed special enough to fight for it.  Growing up I only read about such a love in the romance books and movies I was fortunate enough to read and see.  Later in life my own experiences with love and commitment has strengthened my belief in it.  I have loved and lost but never ever gave up on the trueness of it all. 

I am now at a new phase in my life where I can only learn from those around me who have achieved it.  Presently I am very happy but it also took me a while to get here.  I can safely say that it is totally different, joyful and very, very exciting.  The love and commitment I share with this special person has taught me that it is a never ending fight to sustain and keep it but with it comes many rewards.  Maybe someday we can find ourselves happily married but I am in no way rushing it.  

Right now all I can say is how very happy I am for the bride and groom who found their way and never gave up on each other.  They are the true reason why I decided to write this and the ones who deserve the spotlight.  May they forever be blessed with a unity that that can only get stronger and a happiness that will never waiver. 

Copyright © 2013 ~ Susan B. Anna