Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Romance Troupe Summer Blog Hop

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The Romance Troupe is hosting its first annual 
Sizzling Summer Blog Hop!
July 4th - July 7th

 Join the Romance Troupe and many other bloggers and authors as we launch our Sizzling Summer Blog Hop.  Comments as well as emails must be left and you can also increase your chances to win other prizes by continuing on the hop.  All participants are noted below.

You could win......

Grand Prize #1
(Alternate prize for international winner)

2nd Prize $50 GC to Amazon or B&N
+ Several Surprise Digital Books

 Fabulous Swag Pack #1
+ $10 Amazon/B&N GC
+ Several surprise digital books
(US ONLY for Swag)


Fabulous Swag Pack #2
+ $10 Amazon/B&N GC
+ Several surprise digital books
(US ONLY for Swag) 

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"Modern Day Love Excerpt"
After being divorced and single for four years Kristen Vasquez decides to move on and begin dating again.  As a single mother she now has to start all over again and accept the dating scene for what its become, a sex pool of casual one night stands, something she is just not used to nor wants but once she meets Matthew Lewis she quickly reconsiders her thoughts and follows her needs.
However, there is something she wasn't expecting.  Something that will completely take her out of her comfort zone and turn her love life into a spiral of desire she never knew about.  Matthew comes with strings and a set of rules that should make her run but somehow opens a door she is in doubt will ever close.  His lifestyle although scary, thrills and excites her and she can't seem to get enough of him.  Can his rules and needs bring them closer together or forever tare them apart?   
Hot Bath Scene...

    If this night can get any better I would truly be surprised.  Matthew was not only extremely attentive, but so very sexy as he washed every section of my body with care.  I have never had this closeness with anyone before.  The way he made me feel was a total first.  I wanted him like I wanted to breathe, always.  My body only coming to life because of a mere touch or kiss.  His lips and tongue traced my neck and shoulder as I planted my butt on his arousal.  Our breathing began to get heavier and I wanted him to take me.  Instead he pushed me into the stream and grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the shelf.  “Don’t move, he said as he opened the bottle, pulled my hair back and out of the water and poured the shampoo on my head.  With my head still tilted I can see his head as he worked the lather into my hair and washed it. 

When he was done he pushed my head up and pulled my body into him as he kissed my neck and turned me around to face him.  “Rinse it off,” he said and stepped back as I walked backwards into the stream and proceeded to rinse.  He watched with a smile as the suds cascaded down my body and over my breast.  Having him watch my every move as I now bathed him and gave him the same attentive and sensual treatment he gave me turned me on in so many levels.  His eyes opened and closed as light moans and grunts escaped his lips periodically and once again the desire to have him inside me resurfaced.

“I never wanted anyone as badly as I want you,” I said and looked up at him. “Thank you,” he replied and took a step closer.  He then grasped my waist and pulled me into him.  “I don’t think I ever wanted anyone as much either,” he said in a raspy whisper before he leaned over me, shut the water off and opened the door.   “I can take you in here or on the bed, your choice.”  “I think I’ll choose the latter,” I said as I walked past him and deliberately shook my butt as I did.  “Mmmm,” he moaned before he chased after me, tossed me on the bed, grabbed my ankle and pulled me to him as my hair dripped water all over the bed. 

Copyright ©  2013 ~Susan B. Anna

I, Susan B. Anna will be offering two prize offers for participating, just simply follow the guidelines, leave your comment and email in comment section below and if chosen I will be giving one lucky person a $15 Visa or Starbucks GC. Your choice and another lucky person a heart bracelet.  

Good Luck and Happy Hopping!
Winners will be chosen using
A winning blog will be chosen via for each prize and then another number will be drawn to determine the winning commenter. Only comments with email addresses will be considered valid entries for the prizes. This process will be repeated for all prizes. The Romance Troupe will not retain any contributions past the date of the event. All monies collected will be distributed as prizes for the event.


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