Saturday, November 24, 2012

Undue Justice

A couple of years ago I heard of a family’s ordeal and the unjust way it was dealt with which is not only too common in New York, but many other cities where drugs and violence ensues and the local police department looks the other way.

Jay Thompson and his wife Sheila lost their only daughter and never received so much as a condolence from the police officers on the scene, or any other officer or detective later assigned to the case to help solve it.  Kelly Thompson, their only child, was brutally murdered.  The police didn’t give too much of themselves to find out who did it nor did they stick around long enough to ask the questions that will lead them closer to solving Kelly’s murder, and the Thompson’s gave up the hope of getting any results since the cops already made up their minds and her case was just not news worthy enough to even try.

Kelly was a minority woman and in the early stages of independence.  She lived in a bad neighborhood and so therefore not worthy enough for the cops to assist her parents in finding peace.  Attached is the full story of this families ordeal and soon I will add a recap to what has occurred since I began to write the appropriate authorities on behalf of the Thompson’s, this case, and so shall later showcase their responses as soon as received. Please feel free to comment either here or within attached as the Thompson’s and myself will truly appreciate the thought and time.  Thank you.

The Justice we Seek