Sunday, November 4, 2012


Many of us get into situations (relations) we at one point would’ve had doubts about, yet circumstances lead us to a different path, blocking out all the doubts, unsureness; and intuition that keep yelling at us to think twice. 

For some reason all of your uncertainties and even the hints don’t lead you astray because somehow you still wanna believe it can go your way.  In other words stupidity steps in and at the moment you only want to say “the heck with it.”

Unfortunately, the outcome is never good.  You are now resentful and regret eats you alive.  You now see the full picture for what it was and you not only feel angry, but betrayed and maybe even hurt.  By now you fully know how idiotic the whole situation was and you now bow to never ever let anyone get the best of you again.

You were played, so what.  Life goes on.  It happens to the best of us, and I for one strongly believe in karma.  Yes, it’s annoying to think you let someone in, to only be a stepping stone, but again life goes on.  His or her lost is someone else’s gain.  This person may have mislead you, but you allowed it to happen so let bygones, be bygones.  Move on and don’t stoop any lower than you already have.
Wanting to tell that person off is understandable, but it is certainly not worth it.

Copyright © 2012~ Susan B. Anna