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 A Word from our Cabbie 

The following is a link to a recent piece I wrote about my recent cab experience.  Being a New Yorker, born and raised, I can safely say nothing shocks me much anymore, but this story was too good not to share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing about it and please let me know your thoughts.  Every visit and every comment is very appreciated.

Taxi Cab Confessions

By Susan B. Anna (All copyrights reserved)

Commuter Talk

Having to travel by bus each morning I can honestly say it is never truly a dull moment.  Every day there is something new that only sparks my interest but also totally surprises me.

The following story depicts some of the daily scenarios encountered and rest assured there will be others added because of course as most of you know the stories keep coming and the people just get weirder and weirder each passing day.

If you have a few scenarios to share please do as we are surely interested in your views on the subject.

Commuter Hell

Pre-Thanksgiving Commuter Hell

The amount of people who decide to take private bus service to certain destinations can be hell on daily commuters who just want to get by a week of work with as little hassle as
possible.  We can all understand and appreciate one wanting to spend time with family or friends, but the fact of the matter is that daily commuters must get up in the morning, deal with the madness of additional cars on the road, and inconsiderate people who couldn’t care less that their luggage, excessive carry-ons and extra food bothers other passengers cause they think the commute will take more than the normal hour and fifteen minutes, and  just can’t go without food or having your laptop on your lap since you also want to watch a movie.
This is a bus people, but those who take other mass transit deal with the same mess as well.  During this time of year the bus companies and other mass services should empathize and establish a bus solely for out of townners and call it for what it is.  “Holiday Commuter Schedule Only.” One can be set to run every hour on the hour for a reasonable time only, of course, and then everyone can be happy.  The special tickets printed which specifically says that can overall improve the chances of the daily commuters having to wait three to four hours for a bus before they can get home since of course most of the ignorant and inconsiderate holiday commuters want to take the afternoon buses out.

Again, let me stress I do understand the need to be with those you love during the holiday but when you create havoc on one daily commuters commute back home don’t look at one with a blank stare on your face if they seem to be rude, because after waiting three hours and four buses to finally get on a bus home can be very frustrating and avoided if the holiday traveler was more considerate about time to travel, and the companies that service these means of transportation finally got smarter and actually thought of the commuter/customer hell one must endure.

 Butt Wipe Anyone

Sitting in the bus on my way to work and as always take seat next to the window. Why would someone need so much room to sit down that he literally rubbed  his butt on my arm as he sat? Thank goodness for clothing cause I wouldn’t want to think of what he would leave behind if naked. Now I know how toilet paper feels, yuck!

Commuter Horror

Ever since the North East was savagely attacked by Hurricane Irene, commuters traveling from Upstate, NY to NYC have been dealing and clashing with Metro North riders who are either obnoxious, rude, self-centered or simply put intolerable.  We understand the need to get your regular commute plans going but in the interim, you must learn to cope with the set-backs just as we bus commuters had to when our bus company went on strike last year and we had to rely on the Metro North to take us to work and back.

Believe me when I say we are just as frustrated as you are, with overcrowded buses, delays and the lack of extra buses coming to and from but we need you all to be a little more tactful and mindful of us all.  There is no need to fight over a seat because you do not have the luxury of saving a seat for a friend or worse your many bags.  Buses are equipped with both overhead compartments and below the bus compacts for huge items.  Use them and stop giving others grief because you are at an inconvenience.  As human beings we must all take into account it isn’t easy for neither of us, yet we must all adapt and try our very best to begin the day optimistically to ensure a brighter day.

Metro North is scheduled to be back and running in 2012 so we really have a long haul ahead of us, why not make the best of it.

 Metro North Alternatives Out of Port Jervis