Saturday, April 22, 2017

Commuter Blues

As I get older I find myself dragging myself out of bed in the morning. Another dreadful commute to the city awaits and every day is the same. The buses are dirty, dusty and possibly moldy and the smell combined with overly perfumed individuals is enough to drive any allergy sufferer to tears. And yet I must endure.

That in itself sums up my morning commute. The evening however, is a little different. Remember, I did say a little. On my way home I have to rush out of work to struggle with having to fit in with thirty other people in one elevator to catch my bus. This is in office building, I then have to basically jog to the terminal to make my bus and deal with yet another elevator with what at first appears to be 3-4 people and once the elevator shows up an additional 50 come out of no where.

As a New Yorker I know all to well how to deal with crowded subways but this is ridiculous. I make it to my gate with a minute to spare, sweating and my heart racing so fast I could literally hear it as I sit down, greet the few I ride with daily and make myself comfortable. On this commute I have to deal with either the man who can't sit without having his legs spread wide. The one who wants to sit and type in his laptop, elbowing you every chance he gets. The lady who watches Netflix on her tablet, the one who has text battles with her significant other or the one who plays every single game Facebook has to offer.

With all of this you can say its enough but I'm really not done, We have the one in the back seat with his six pack of beer, the snorer and the one that irks me to no end the menopausal moron that would rather inconvenience 54 other passengers and have them freeze than deal with a heat spell. I know I will someday be there but come on. Overhead AC of course doesn't work so driver decides to put AC for entire commute home. By then I was wrapped up in my coat, hands tucked into my pockets and my hoodie on.  Basically freezing.