Tuesday, March 1, 2016

To Live & Love Again Excerpt

The following is an excerpt published in Hub pages for one of my current WIP's.  I have expressed to many how I have a habit of starting one and then jumping onto another once a new idea pops to mind. As a writer that is great as the stories continue to flourish but staying on track and finally completing one has been my downfall since the start.

This one I particularly started writing in 2009 and I lost about five chapters worth of it when the flash drive I stored it in was mysteriously wiped out.  Thankfully I was able to recover it and start anew but in between I have ventured into book review writing and taking minutes at day jobs union delegate meetings so having the time to fulfill all and finally submit for publishing has eluded me.

I am hoping to break that barrier this year, well actually scratch that, I intend to,  My name certainly deserves to be featured as an author to an actual full fledged novel and grateful for the opportunity.

To Live & Love Again (Excerpt)

Copyright (c) ~Susan B. Anna