Monday, February 29, 2016

RIP Anderson (Andy) Nunez

Rosa Sanchez and Anderson Nunez
Today is a tough day as I recall and reflect on the person who could've been celebrating his 41st birthday as opposed to simply being remembered.  Anderson Nunez was viciously murdered along with his live in girlfriend two days after Christmas 2015 by none other than her 15 year old daughter, Destiny Garcia.  Both lives savagely taken and mourned by two families that will never, ever be the same again.

What can possibly cause a teenage girl to brutally murder her own parent and take another innocent life in the process is baffling, the truth and reasoning behind it only truly known by the teen murderess that easily manipulated everyone in her family. The bodies left to rot as she continued to live amongst  them partying and living her life as if nothing had occurred and the lies she spewed to try and justify it.

The teen, Destiny Garcia lied to her family members about having a fight with her mom and her leaving the apartment to get away from it all and allow things to die down.  After a few days a cousin became suspicious because it wasn't the norm for the mom to go without calling. Rosie Sanchez of course couldn't make that call to check on her daughter  and will never be able to do so again. She and her boyfriend Anderson Nunez were both brutally murdered, shot and stabbed and left in their Brooklyn apartment to decay as Destiny partied on and even celebrated the New Year in Times Square.

Destiny first told the police that Anderson was raping her and her mom did nothing to protect her and then upon being interviewed again she changed up her story and said it was her mom who was abusing her and her step dad did nothing.  Both stories of course false, two lives taken and one life spending  two consecutive sentences behind bars for both murders and possession of a hand gun.  

I want to take this time to wish Anderson (Andy) Nunez a happy birthday, 2/29/16. He was a wonderful caring man who enjoyed life to the fullest and loved his family and friends deeply. The time we shared will forever be treasured. RIP today and always. 

Copyright (c.) ~Susan B. Anna