Friday, February 26, 2016

Finding Me

Well, I guess I've been neglectful once more and for that I do apologize.  Day job, personal life and of course my writing has kept me pretty busy. Today was a good day, I was able to have lunch with my ex manager and chat with him a bit about my WIP, all three to be exact and then I remembered how can anyone possibly keep up with what I am up to if I don't take advantage of every available resource that will enable my name to get out a bit more, and my work viewed.  The issue I have is sharing and receiving very little to no feedback to what I may write about.

I have three major titles in progress, one I have shared a piece of here and two others I had basically completed, edited a bit and restructured multiple times. The story concept for each is by far interesting, enticing and very much filled with drama, and all of course have some hot steamy romance involved. I will soon add a few teasers to introduce you to all as soon as I can, but in the interim I will also be posting stuff of interest, daily motivations and positive encouragement for anyone who may be interested.

I also want to launch a contest this Spring or Summer where one lucky person can have a chance to showcase their work and win a cool prize. Details will be posted soon as well so let your friends know, join as a follower and feel free to comment whenever you see fit.  Thanks for dropping in and stay well and blessed!

Susan B. Anna