Saturday, April 25, 2015

Man Killed by bus at Port Authority

I have been waiting to release this as I wanted it to be as accurate as possible and find a news piece suitable enough to possibly come close but the same keeps getting published, and I feel it is time to finally set the record straight. A man, Samuel Rodriguez, from Garrison NJ was killed due to being struck by a NJ Transit bus in the 3rd level of Port Authority on March 26, 2015 at approximately 5 pm.

At least this is the story most NYC papers are reporting, but the sad thing is that it is partly true.  The man was not struck by one but two NJ Transit buses as the first left the scene and the second which was right behind the first was the one that actually remained at the site according to a third bus driver that witnessed the entire ordeal and was in such shock he had to be pulled off his run. 

It is sad that a man had to lose his life this way and my heart and prayers go out to his family as they deal with the grief of losing a loved one in such a manner.  What pains me more is the fact they will only hear that this was an accident, and maybe it was but its one that could've been avoided if the NJ transit drivers and signalers paid extra attention.

This company is notorious for having multiple buses run consecutively behind each other and cutting others such as Coach USA off in order to do so.  As a passenger of Shortline for many years I have witnessed many events where NJ drivers risk the lives of their passengers by either cutting others off on a busy highway or other buses in the Port Authority and on the road.  They believe to be exempt to the laws and with good reason as they do not have to worry about any traffic infractions in New York City and so therefore why care to follow the rules or even be courteous.
Commuters have to be very careful, especially when riding NJ transit since their pick ups and drop offs are in between gates that are definitely at risk of having one get hit by a bus or car if being dropped off on the 4th fl level.  The dispatchers and other workers responsible of ensuring ones safety are not always diligent as this case proves and some restructuring certainly needs to be considered to prevent any further incidents.  

My deepest condolences go out to Mr. Rodriguez's family and those he held dear.  

Attached is a link to one of the latest published accounts of this tragic incident.  

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